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Whats New

Designing a HUD for a Third-Person VR Game

In this 2016 VRDC talk, Force Field VR's Joost Peters explains the process that Force Field VR went through to design a proper interface for VR twin-stick shooters.

Practical lessons from a year of building web components

Monica Dinculescu Googles Emojineer talks practical lessons learned from a year of building web components at Google I/O 2016 :: Code & UX

  • High Performance Web UI

High performance web user interfaces | Google I/O 2016

Paul Lewis from Googles Chrome Developer Relations Team talks high performance web user interfaces from a UX and Code perspective.

UI Reviews

  • Beneath The Lighthouse

UI Review | Beneath The Lighthouse

Beneath the Lighthouse is a super fun pixel art, arcade style puzzle "roller" released by Nitrome...


  • Joe Kowlaski |UX vs UI

UX vs UI for Artists

For UI Artists that aren't in the industry yet, or for those of you in your first job, the boundaries of what a UI Artist...

  • Monument Valley | UI Review

UI Review | Monument Valley & Forgotten Shores

While the gameplay is brief the beautiful dream like quality and mind blowing level design will stay with you...

  • Forest Home | UI Review

UI Review | Forest Home

Forest Home by The Binary Mill is a surprisingly fun puzzle game. You connect your cute and fluffy collection of animals to their burrows...

  • King Monetisation

New Monetisation Trend

Om Tandon, Senior UX designer at Gameloft walks us through King's new monetisation marketing trends...

Artist Hot Seat

  • Dan Pratt

Artist Hot Seat | Dan Pratt

For some great insight into working in the UI biz check out Goodgame Studios awesome little promo about their UI Artists with Senior UI Artist Dan Pratt. A 10 year veteran of the biz Dan has worked at EA, Zynga, Disney, Hasbro and Monopoly.